About Me

Hello all! I am a second-year Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department at UT Austin studying in the UToPiA group under Dr. Işil Dillig. I am also a second-year fellow of the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. My research revolves around using program synthesis and verification problems to solve high-performance computing issues in the scientific domains.

I finished a B.S. in Mathematics at Baylor University in May, 2020.

Current Research

I’ve been working this past year to automate the implementation of certain concurrent programs from a declarative specification. My current project with Dr. Işil Dillig, Dr. James Bornholt, and Dr. Kostas Ferles is ongoing, but check back soon for updates!

Undergraduate Research

At Baylor I worked with Dr. Robert Kirby on projects related to the Firedrake project, an open-source domain-specific language for computations using the finite element method. We worked with Dr. Andreas Kloeckner to integrate pytential into Firedrake so that we could use fast multipole methods to approximate boundary conditions at infinity on a truncated domain (see, for example, the Sommerfeld radiation condition for the Helmholtz equation).